The story of the company is about harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyondbusiness.

The story of the company is about harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business. We operate through two verticals - Basic Chemistry and Specialty Chemistry. The company’s Basic Chemistry product range provides key ingredients to many of the world's leading brands for glass, detergents, pharma, biscuit manufacturing, bakeries and other industries.

We have the largest saltworks in Asia, and are the 3rd largest soda ash manufacturer and the 6th largest sodium bicarbonate manufacturer in the world.

Our innovations in Specialty Chemistry have led to establishing Tata NQ -- India’s first and only nutritional science business. We have pioneered the production of Fossence and Gossence, a range of healthy prebiotic products which is marketed to B2B customers across India, North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The company has a strong position in the crop protection business through its subsidiary company 

Our green patented technology for manufacturing Highly Dispersible Silica is focused on delivering value addition to a number of industries, including high performance tyres, oral care, paints and additives, etc. In Energy Sciences, we are creating a platform to provide cutting-edge solutions around Lithium Ion cell technology.

Our strength lies in science and our Innovation Centre at Pune is home to world-class R&D capabilities in nanotechnology and biotechnology. Our other innovation centres are located at Mithapur and Bengaluru.

Sustainability as a practice is at the core of all of BL Chemicals' activities, including our corporate social responsibility initiatives, and is intricately woven into all our business functions. In 2018, we set up the Centre of Excellence for Coastal and Marine Conservation, and the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Farm Excellence. Our vision is to be a leading sustainable chemicals solutions company serving customers through innovation and science.

Basic Chemistry

We offer inorganic chemistry solutions that serve the world’s leading downstream brands. Our global value chain includes our subsidiaries BL Chemicals North America, BL Chemicals Europe, BL Chemicals Magadi and BL Chemicals South Africa.

Our key products are soda ash, soda bicarbonate, cement, salt, marine chemicals and crushed refined soda.

Alkali products: Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Caustic Soda, Crushed Refined Soda

Halogen products: Chlorine-based products, Bromine-based products

Salt products: Industrial Salt, Livestock Salt, Animal Salt, Gypsum

Specialty Chemistry

Agro Sciences: We reach 80% of India's districts and have seven power brands through our subsidiary Rallis India, which offers crop protection and agri-input solutions.

Nutritional Sciences: We offer an innovative range of nutritional solutions, prebiotics and healthier alternatives to regular sugar for consumers.

Material Sciences: Our Material Sciences solutions include Highly Dispersible Silica and other grades of Precipitated Silica and silica dispersion, which have allowed us to leverage our nano-chemistry and material synthesis expertise to serve needs of high performance materials across several industry segments including tyres and rubbers.

Another solution is Nano Zinc Oxide (ZnSpers) with improved anti-fungal, anti-microbial and UV blocking properties for use in industrial and cosmetic applications.

Energy Sciences: We have the unique ability to build a truly Circular Economy around Lithium-ion technology – starting from active materials, to cell and battery manufacturing, and finally to recycling critical materials from used batteries.

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