Our Importing Projects


    SBL imports following metals as per LME deliverable specifications and also Non LME grade material according to the requirements of our customers:

    1. Non-Ferrous Metals: Copper [(min. 99.90% purity) in the form of Wire bars, Cathodes, CC rods], Aluminium [(min. 99.70%) in the form of Ingots and Wire rods], Zinc Ingots [High grade (min. 99.95%), Spl. HG (min. 99.995%)], Lead Ingots [(min. 99.97%/99.99%)], Tin Ingots(min. 99.85% purity), Nickel [in the form of Cathodes(both Cut and Uncut of min. 99.80% purity),Briquettes(min. 99.80% purity), Ferro Nickel etc.]
    2. Minor Metals : Antimony (min. 99.65% purity), Cobalt Metal (min. 99.95% purity),  Silicon (Grade 4-4-1 and 5-5-3) Magnesium (min. 99.9% purity) Mercury (min. 99.9% purity)
    3. Industrial Raw Materials : Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Calcined Alumina, Calcined Bauxite, Noble metals and Ferro alloys Coal&Coke ,API,Chemicals
    4. Non-Ferrous Metal Alloys : Aluminium alloys (ADC 12, LM 24 and others), Zinc alloys, and other alloys as per customers requirement
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